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MAYAPURI Pure Cotton Radha Krishna Printed Gomukhi Japa Bag or Mantra Chanting Bag or Bead Bag with Sakshi Mala Counter

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The MAYAPURI Pure Cotton Radha Krishna Printed Gomukhi Japa Bag is designed for individuals who practice chanting and counting beads during meditation or prayer sessions.This Japa bag is a thoughtful accessory for anyone engaged in spiritual practices, particularly those involving mantra chanting and bead meditation. It blends practicality with spiritual symbolism, making it a valuable addition to a practitioner's ritual tools.

Material: The bag is made from pure cotton, ensuring it is soft, durable, and comfortable to use during extended periods of chanting.

Design: It features a Radha Krishna print, which adds a spiritual and aesthetically pleasing touch to the bag. The Gomukhi (meaning "like a cow's mouth" in Sanskrit) shape is traditional for Japa bags, designed to hold the chanting beads (mala) securely while allowing easy access to move the beads during chanting.

Functionality: The bag includes a Sakshi Mala counter, which helps in keeping track of the number of rounds or repetitions of mantras. This is particularly useful for practitioners who follow a specific routine or target for their chanting sessions.

Usage: Typically, the bag is used to hold and protect the mala (bead string) used for Japa (repetitive mantra meditation). The mala is held inside the bag, with one bead taken out at a time as each mantra is recited, ensuring the beads remain clean and are protected from external elements.

Spiritual Significance: The Radha Krishna print not only enhances the visual appeal but also serves as a reminder of devotion and the divine love between Radha and Krishna, which is a central theme in many devotional practices.

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