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MAYAPURI Brass Tulsi Patta/Tulasi Leafs/Holy Basil Leaves for Puja

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Using a brass Tulsi (Holy Basil) leaf (Tulsi Patta) for Puja (worship) is a common practice in Hindu households and temples. Brass is considered a sacred metal in Hinduism and is often used for making religious items and utensils. Tulsi is revered as a sacred plant and is associated with the worship of various deities, especially Lord Vishnu and his incarnations.

  • ✔Tulsi Patta pital | Tulasi Leafs for Pooja (Pack of 15)
  • ✔Brass Tulsi Leavse| Puja Tulasi leaves
  • ✔Attractive Design, Durable Finish Standards & Stunning Looks
  • ✔Premium Quality & 100% Pure Brass
  • ✔Cleaning Instructions:- Clean your Brass Mango Leaves by hand & avoid dishwasher. Use pitambri powder or liquid like dara, brasso, to clean Brass Mango Leaves & wipe with soft cotton cloth

Here's how you can incorporate a brass Tulsi leaf into your Puja:

Selecting the Brass Tulsi Leaf: Choose a well-crafted and appropriately sized brass Tulsi leaf from a trusted source. These leaves are often intricately designed and have a traditional aesthetic.

Setting Up the Altar: Find a suitable place for your Puja altar or sacred space. Arrange the Tulsi leaf along with other Puja items such as idols, incense, lamps, and offerings.

Invocation: Begin your Puja by invoking the presence of the deity you are worshiping. You can chant mantras or prayers dedicated to Lord Vishnu, Krishna, or any other deity you have chosen for your worship.

Offerings: Place offerings like water, flowers, fruits, and sweets on the Tulsi leaf as a symbol of your devotion and respect.

Lighting the Lamp (Aarti): Use a lamp or candle to perform an aarti (ceremonial waving of light) around the Tulsi leaf. This signifies the removal of darkness and the presence of the divine.

Chanting and Meditation: Spend some time chanting mantras, reciting prayers, or meditating on the significance of Tulsi and the deity you are worshiping.

Circumambulation (Pradakshina): Gently circumambulate (walk in a clockwise direction) around the Tulsi plant, if you have one, or around the Tulsi leaf itself. This is a way of paying respect and seeking blessings.

Conclusion: Conclude the Puja by offering your heartfelt prayers, gratitude, and seeking blessings for yourself, your family, and all beings.

Maintenance: Keep the brass Tulsi leaf clean and well-maintained. It's important to show reverence to the sacred item by regularly cleaning it and ensuring its integrity.

Remember, the use of a brass Tulsi leaf in Puja is a symbolic representation of the real Tulsi plant, which is highly revered in Hindu culture. It's not just about the physical object, but the intention, devotion, and connection you establish during the worship. Always approach your Puja with sincerity and respect.

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